Custom-fit Cervical Pillow: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

A look at your spine and how it works will tell you it is nothing short of remarkable. Avoiding neck and back pain is crucial to maintain a healthy and flexible spine.

One way to preserve your spine is to use a cervical pillow when sleeping or lying on your back. A custom-fit cushion can help your spine retain its natural curve from your neck to your back. It works by preventing your neck from bending or twisting at unnatural angles.

A fitting pillow should always support your neck and the back of your head.


What Is a Custom-fit Cervical Pillow?

A custom-fit cervical pillow is a neck pillow that is tailor-made to your neck's dimensions and outline. It has a tiny cushion in the middle that allows you to rest your head about an inch above the bed's surface.

The pillow:


  • Allows optimal rest for your head and neck and helps maintain your spine's alignment

  • Helps soothe neck pain and the resultant headaches

  • Reduces risk of neck stiffness and pain


How Does a Cervical Pillow Work?

A cervical pillow has an ergonomic design that focuses on your head, neck, and body and how you interact with your pillow while sleeping. It is specially made to complement your normal posture when you are resting.

A custom-fit cervical pillow cradles the outline that your head and neck form when you place your body in a sleeping or resting position. That way, the cushion helps reduce your body's tension from lying in one position for a long time.

Whether you sleep on your stomach, back, or side, or if you switch positions, a custom-fit cervical pillow will help you sleep restfully and wake up rejuvenated.


Types of Cervical Pillows

There are various types of cervical pillows. They include:


  • Contour pillows - The wavy ones with a long hollow middle for extra head and neck support. They work for any sleep position.

  • Neck or cervical rolls - The cylindrical ones keep your neck in the desired position as you lie on your side or back.

  • D-Core® support pillows - The ones with a D-shaped depression in the middle to stabilize your head and neck while resting face up.

  • U-shaped horseshoe pillows - The ones that wrap around your neck to soothe sleep discomfort at home or when traveling in a car or a plane. They help relax pressure on the neck and shoulders when resting.


Choosing a Cervical Pillow

If your current pillow is not working for your body, you may consider getting a cervical pillow. Each cervical pillow has its benefits and drawbacks, and no one type will work for everyone.

But knowing what to look for when choosing a cervical pillow can help you find the one for you. How you sleep or rest matters. When selecting a neck pillow, consider your sleeping position and pick one that will support the curve of your cervical spine while sleeping.

Also, cervical pillows come in various materials like cotton, foam, down, and synthetics. The material matters if it makes the cushion comfier for you. Likewise, consider your mattress's softness or firmness. Firm mattresses need thicker pillows to support your shoulders, which may not sink into your mattress too much.

For more on custom-fit cervical pillows and how they work, visit Smith Chiropractic at our El Paso, Texas office. Call (915) 233-3100 to book an appointment today.

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