Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Back pain is a common condition in society today. Accidents, work environment, and a dormant lifestyle cause chronic back pain. Many people use over-the-counter medication to deal with the pain. Taking too much pain medication can result in dependency and addiction. Excessive use of pain medication can also cause kidney and liver problems. A good number of people go for physical therapy and other alternative treatments.

Seeing a chiropractor is a good way to deal with back pain. Spinal manipulation is noninvasive and drug-free. Chiropractors pay special attention to the back and spinal alignment. Here are ways in which chiropractic care helps to manage back pain.


Spinal Massage


Chiropractic spinal massage is a popular option of treatment for patients with back pain. This type of massage is different from the one you get at your fitness center. It uses special movements, stretches, and spinal cracking to treat back pain. These techniques focus on problematic areas of the back and neck area. They help to improve circulation, promote healing, and reduce pain.


Exercise and Stretches


Chiropractors encourage patients to stretch and exercise. Chiropractic stretches and exercises help the patient to deal with pain and stay positive. Some of these exercises need a chiropractor present to guide the patient. Some exercises can be done at home, which is good for the patient. Physical therapy and hydrotherapy play a big part in these exercises. Stretching improves the circulation of fluids in the body to promote self-healing.


Massage and Relaxation Techniques


Chiropractors sometimes recommend massages and relaxation techniques to help with back pain. Achieving total relaxation involves the body and mind. Chiropractors give special massages that target deep tissues, joints, tendons, and bones. They help to relieve tension in muscles and joints as well as promote self-healing.


Heat and Cold Therapy


Heat and warmth are associated with relaxation and relief. Cold packs help to manage pain, swelling, and inflammation. Chiropractors use heat packs and ice packs to manage back pain. Cold therapy, warm gel packs, hot baths, cold wraps, and other techniques are good noninvasive methods of managing pain. They focus on problematic areas to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. Heat and cold therapy are also used widely to relieve muscle tension, spasms, and stiff neck.


What Are the Risks?


Every form of pain management comes with risks and benefits. Some people are afraid that chiropractic massages can cause pinched nerves, muscle sprain, and herniated disks. The best way to avoid bad reactions to chiropractic massages is to work with a professional. Make sure that you understand all that entails the treatment that you get.

Chiropractors also encourage patients to live a healthy lifestyle. They advise on healthy foods, exercise, and ways to improve your quality of life. A good diet rich in minerals and proteins encourages the body to self-heal. The improved posture from chiropractic massages and back alignment help to alleviate pain. Improved circulation from chiropractic treatments helps to reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints. There is an overall promotion of well-being when the body experiences relaxation and good circulation.


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