What to Expect from Trigger Point Injections

Pain in your body? Is normal treatment not helping your case and your muscle pains have not improved? Maybe you should try a trigger point injection in El Paso, TX. And don’t be afraid, because it’s an effective and proven practice that works. 


What is a trigger point?


A trigger point is essentially the knots you may feel within your muscles. They are also involuntary tight tender spots in the muscle which may lead to dysfunction. There are certain spots in the muscle where there is decreased circulation and increased muscle contraction, spasms, and increased nerve sensitivity. Ultimately it causes sharp pain and aches.


What is a trigger point injection?


When we feel these tight sensations in our muscles we may use a “trigger point injection” to help alleviate the pain. A trigger point injection is an outpatient procedure that alleviates and reduces back pain caused by trigger points. 


How does trigger point injection work?


This treatment works by directly injecting a small needle of medication such as anesthetic and steroids into the part of the body that is causing pain. Patients are able to have several injections and it only takes minutes to do. 


What does it feel like?


Because this is a procedure that punctures the skin, patients should expect slight pain from the needle. However, the sudden rush of anesthesia will numb the pain and give some relief to the affected area. If patients receive any trigger point injections in the arm or leg, patients are not permitted to drive and someone else would have to drive them home. 


Overall, trigger point injection is a different facet of therapeutic relief but it is proven to be a reliable source of healing our bodies.
For more information about trigger point injections contact Smith Chiropractic in El Paso, TX at (915) 233-3100 to schedule an appointment. 

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