Five Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

The chances of being involved in at least one car accident throughout your life are surprisingly high. Of course, most auto accidents are relatively minor. Nevertheless, millions of Americans suffer injuries from auto accidents every year. 

Importance of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

You can walk away from a car accident feeling physically unharmed. However, you need to understand that symptoms of certain types of injuries can go unnoticed for several days or even weeks after the incident. Even a fender bender or other seemingly minor auto accidents can cause severe discomfort and pain in your spine, back, and neck.

It is in your best interest to seek chiropractic care in the aftermath of an auto accident. Chiropractic therapy after a car accident can help you in the following ways:

Pain Relief

One of the most important benefits of chiropractic therapy following a car accident is pain relief. An auto accident can cause untold damage to your spine, back, and neck. Fortunately, chiropractic treatment can get to the root of the problem in a natural and non-invasive way. At the same time, it can also help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

Hidden Injuries

Following a car accident, you might suffer visible injuries that require immediate treatment. However, you might also suffer other injuries that you are not aware of yet. When you visit a chiropractor after a car accident, they will evaluate your body to identify any hidden injuries or problems.

Some of the injuries that may go unnoticed even after an X-ray include torn ligaments and muscles. Chiropractic therapy aims to help the body heal naturally by focusing on the problem areas. 

Reduced Inflammation

One of the most common consequences of physical injury is inflammation. Of course, some amount of inflammation indicates that your body is trying to heal itself. However, excessive inflammation can cause discomfort and harm your tissues. 

Fortunately, a chiropractor can manipulate your spine to realign it, leading to the reduction of cytokine production. In addition to reducing the level of pain, it will also lower the inflammatory response.

Restored Range of Motion

When you suffer an injury following a car accident, your back and neck may lose some flexibility. This loss of flexibility usually happens due to the misalignment of the spinal joints, inflammation, and/or development of scar tissue. Chiropractic treatment can restore your range of motion by mobilizing and returning your spine to its proper alignment.

Chiropractic Care Is Non-invasive

If you are like most people, you want to avoid surgery and/or potentially addictive pain medication. Chiropractic therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free form of treatment that is quite effective. But following a car accident, you need to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible. Otherwise, surgery and medication could end up being your only options. 

Bottom Line

Doctors of chiropractic use a variety of techniques and tools to restore joint flexibility, realign individual vertebrae, and reduce pain following a car accident. Even if you are feeling fine after a car accident, visiting a chiropractor is still a good idea. 

For additional information on the benefits of chiropractic care after an auto accident, visit Smith Chiropractic at our office in El Paso, Texas. You can call (915) 233-3100 today to schedule an appointment.

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